Entering The Vessels: 6 Week Introductory Course - Winter 2021

with NSEV Healing Founder Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel Beginning January 10th, 2021

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A Message From Dan

Entering the Vessels utilizes a simple yet profound holistic model to explore all the world’s wisdom and healing traditions through the lens of  traditional Chinese medicine.

NSEV Founder Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel has taught Entering the Vessels for more than 25 years to thousands of people from diverse backgrounds in venues ranging from medical schools to yoga ashrams.

A Modern Global Lineage

Entering the Vessels serves as the introduction and initiation into a modern lineage whose global community of healthcare providers, wellness practitioners, and cultivators utilize the extraordinary vessel model and treatments to enhance their professional practices and personal lives. 

Over the course of six weeks participants will learn about the vessels and be guided through a series of cultivation, wellness, and healthcare exercises that create a learning experience for the mind, body and spirit.

What are the Extraordinary Vessels?

  • The extraordinary vessels are one of the world’s oldest systems of energetic theory and practice evolving originally in ancient China.

  • A simple but profound yin yang paradigm, extraordinary vessel theory represents an integrated, holistic worldview where the universe is viewed as constantly giving birth to itself.

  • The eight extraordinary vessels are the primordial fields at the root of the interplay of yin and yang as manifest in the dance between the descending yang forces of heaven and the ascending Yin forces of earth.

  • We are all embodied fields. Each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm. The extraordinary vessels are our microcosmic primordial fields in which we relate to and process the primordial fields of the macrocosmic world.

  • The extraordinary vessels were used in cultivation practices (shamanism, alchemy, qi gong) long before they appeared as part of acupuncture, where they are the deepest, most primordial pathways.

  • Today we can engage our “vessels” through cultivation practices that harmonize the breath, movement, and mind, and through stimulating four simple acupuncture points (entryways into the vessels) that profoundly influence vessel activity and all aspects of our human functioning.

Dynamic And Interactive Learning

Entering the Vessels has always been presented to “mixed” groups of acupuncturists, healthcare professionals, meditators, and highly motivated lay people. We are continuing this important tradition online! 

Through this collective and diverse immersion into the vessels we are  able to benefit from the wisdom and perspective of the others. We learn  together as individuals and as community, as professionals and as personal seekers of health and wisdom. 

No background in acupuncture or Chinese medicine is required. Participants will learn how to use magnets to treat the vessels. 

Some Of What You Will Experience

  • Our primordial selves: before the tao

  • A deep immersion into the tao

  • Basic assumptions of East and West

  • Understanding yin yang

  • A basic energetic image of the human experience

  • The interplay between fate and destiny

  • The principles of non-somatics

  • Basic extraordinary vessel image

  • How to properly locate acupuncture points

  • Extraordinary vessel master/couple point locations


  • Will I have access to the course after the course is finished?

    You will have ongoing access to the course videos, written materials, and access to the Student Community.

  • What happens if I miss a live session or I am unable to attend the session live?

    The recorded sessions will be posted within the course and will be available for review the following day.

  • What happens if I have question about the material?

    If you have a question about course materials you are able to ask questions during the live Q&A sessions or you may post questions within the Student Community.

  • Will I have access to the student community once the course is over?

    Yes, you will have ongoing access to the Student Community to foster communication between students and instructors.

  • Can I take the training at my own pace?

    Yes, you may take the training at your own pace. You will not be able to move forward in the course until the course materials are available.

What you get with your enrollment into Entering the Vessels

  • Six Recorded Weekly Online Webinars with NSEV Founder Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel

  • Six Live Weekly Online Question & Answer Sessions

  • Six Live Weekly NSEV Healing Group Cultivations

  • Membership in NSEV Healing Academy Student Online Community

  • Two Months Additional Free Tuition to NSEV Healing Cultivation Club

  • Digital Manual & Support Materials

  • Ongoing Access To Class Videos & Support Materials

Weekly Schedule

  • Fridays (Beginning 1/8/2021): Weekly preparation materials released

  • Sundays (Beginning 1/10/2021): Weekly two hour webinar session released

  • Mondays (Beginning 1/11/2021): Post session materials released

  • Wednesdays: (Beginning 1/13/2021): 4pm -5pm EDT Live Zoom Q&A meeting

  • Thursdays: (Beginning 1/14/2021): Video of Q&A session posted

  • Fridays: (Beginning 1/15/2021): 5pm EDT — Live Zoom Cultivation Club meeting

  • Saturdays: (Beginning 1/16/2021) Cultivation Club meeting posted

Course Overview

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Dan

    • Understanding our online platform- a message from Tyler

    • Entering The Vessels Student Guide

    • Preparing for Entering the Vessels

    • Create Your Student Introductory Video

    • Introduce yourself on the student community.

    • A couple of appetizers to whet your appetite

  • 2

    Week 1

    • Week 1 Preparation Materials (January 8th,2021)

    • NSEV Healing: Foundational Principles Two Hour Webinar (Available January 10th, 2021)

    • Week 1 Support Materials (Available January 10th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 1 Live Q&A: Wednesday January 13th, 2021 4-5 pm (Miami Time)

    • Zoom Week 1 Live Q&A Recording (Available January 14th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 1 Live Q&A Audio (Available January 14, 2021)

    • Summer 2020 Pre-Recorded Q&A Week 1

    • Cultivation Session Week 1

  • 3

    Week 2

    • Week 2 Preparation Materials (Available January 15th, 2021)

    • Entering the Yangqwei & Dai Two Hour Webinar (Available January 17th, 2021)

    • Entering The Yangwei & Dai Audio (Available January 17th, 2021)

    • Week 2 Post Session Materials (Available January 17th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 2 Live Q&A: Wednesday January 20th, 2021 4 pm -5 pm (Miami Time)

    • Week 2 Live Q&A Recording (Available January 21st, 2021)

    • Week 2 Live Q&A Audio (Available January 21st, 2021)

    • Summer 2020 Pre-Recorded Q&A Week 2

    • Cultivation Session Week 2

  • 4

    Week 3

    • Week 3 Preparation Materials (Available January 22nd, 2021 )

    • Entering the Yinwei & Chong Two Hour Webinar (Available January 24th, 2021)

    • Entering the Yinwei & Chong: Recorded Webinar Audio (Available January 24th, 2021)

    • Week 3 Post Session Materials (Available January 24th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 3 Live Q&A: Wednesday January 27th, 2021 4 pm - 5pm (Miami Time)

    • Zoom Week 3 Live Q&A Recording (Available January 28th, 2021)

    • Q&A Session Audio (Available January 28th, 2021)

    • Summer 2020 Pre-Recorded Q&A Week 3

    • Cultivation Session Week 3

  • 5

    Week 4

    • Week 4 Preparation Materials (Available January 29th, 2021)

    • Entering the Yinqiao, Yangqiao, Du & Ren: Two Hour Webinar (Available January 31st, 2021)

    • Entering The Yinqioa, Yangqiao, Du & Ren Live Webinar Audio (Available January 31st, 2021)

    • Week 4 Post Session Materials (Available January 31st, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 4 Live Q&A: Wednesday February 3rd, 2021 , 4-5pm (Miami Time)

    • Zoom Week 4 Live Q&A Recording (Available February 4th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 4 Live Q&A Audio (Available February 4th, 2021)

    • Summer 2020 Pre-Recorded Q&A Week 4

    • Cultivation Session Week 4

  • 6

    Week 5

    • Week 5 Preparation Materials (Available February 5th, 2021)

    • Entering the Yinqiao, Yangqiao, Du & Ren Two Hour Webinar (Available February 7th, 2021)

    • Week 5 Post Session Materials (February 7th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 5 Live Q&A: Wednesday February 10th, 2021 4-5pm (Miami Time)

    • Zoom Week 5 Live Q&A Recording (Available February 11th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 5 Live Q&A Audio (Available February 11th, 2021)

    • Summer 2020 Pre-Recorded Q&A Week 5

    • Cultivation Session Week 5

  • 7

    Week 6

    • Week 6 Preparation Materials (Available February 12th, 2021)

    • Going deeper & moving forward with the vessels & NSEV Healing Two Hour Webinar (Available February 14th, 2021)

    • Week 6 Post Session Materials (February 14th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 6 Live Q&A: Wednesday February 17th, 2021 4-5pm (Miami Time)

    • Zoom Week 6 Live Q&A Recording (Available February 18th, 2021)

    • Zoom Week 6 Live Q&A Audio (Available February 17th, 2021)

    • Summer 2020 Pre-Recorded Q&A Week 6

    • Cultivation Session Week 6

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Copy of Ends are our beginning... a message from Dan

    • Congratulations on completing the course

    • Acupuncuture CEU's & PDA's

    • CEU & PDA quiz. You only need to take this quiz if you are applying for CEU/PDA credit. You may take as long as you like to take the quiz. You must get 16 out of 20 questions correct to receive CEU/PDA credit.

    • Before you go..

Why Take The Course

  • Enhance all therapeutic skills you already possess

  • Learn breath, movement, meditation, and self massage techniques

  • Learn to use magnets to treat the vessels

  • Deepen and enrich your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection

  • Simple techniques for the use of the vessels will be presented along with a step-by-step method for assessment and care

  • Learn a simple, easy to apply system for healthcare, wellness, and cultivation

  • Join a global community of wellness and wisdom seekers


"Dan returned me to me and in the process, inspired and elevated my greatest wish to be a healer"

Pamela Dickson, MD

Dan Nevel has been my teacher, healer, friend for so long that it’s hard to remember the time called “pre-Dan”. Yet meeting Dan was the beginning of my transformation. Dan returned me to me and in the process, inspired and elevated my greatest wish to be a healer. This inspiration came from helping me to return to ground, the oneness of the Tao, the merging of heaven and earth. I was gifted to be part of Dan’s earliest year-long teachings on NSEV, a journey into the magical and wondrous extraordinary vessels, a heart-felt dive into our deepest longings and beingness. Dan has continued to teach since that earliest workshop, sharing his personal explorations into the vessels. I have felt shifted by each workshop, descending, ascending and merging each time into the wonder of the vessels. Dan is one of us, remaining grounded as he gently guides us along the path he has carved as trailblazer. Thank you Dan for being forever there, immersed in the Tao, sharing as we grow together.

"Dan Nevel is one of our profession’s most talented and innovative acupuncturists "

Efrem Korngold, OMD, LAc

Dan Nevel is one of our profession’s most talented and innovative acupuncturists as well as being a wonderfully inspiring teacher. Dan’s Extraordinary Vessel model makes the use of this somewhat mysterious modality not only comprehensible, but an accessible and clinically effective diagnostic and therapeutic tool. Dan’s seminar exceeded my expectations: his presentation was coherent, profound, and practical, enabling me to implement his Eight Extraordinary Vessel protocols with patients the very next day.

"I highly recommend taking this course. Taking it from Dan – is a treat beyond your imagination."

Dr. Shweta S. Oza, Transformation Mentor

My first introduction to the Vessels was an embodied experience in Dan’s tending. I had no clue what they were or that they were THE Vessels. However, the more I got to experience them, and have a felt sense of them in my body; I got a calling to know them. That led me to Entering the Vessels course. Dan’s introduction of the Vessels was beautiful – practical, clinical (he is a practicing Acupunturist) and etheric. This journey of entering the vessels with Dan opened up a whole different way of looking, living and applying myself to my work. If you are looking for a practical, self illuminating, and yet energy contained way to understand YOU and the workings around you, I highly recommend taking this course. Taking it from Dan – is a treat beyond your imagination.

"Dan's clear and clinically useful teachings on the extraordinary meridians brought them to life"

Holly Thompson, AP, DOM

The NSEV training I took with Dan was a life and practice changing experience. Dan's clear and clinically useful teachings on the extraordinary meridians brought them to life and helped me to understand them on a much deeper level. I have been using NSEV since taking the course and have been getting remarkable results!

"Unique and practical perspective on healing the mind, body, and spirit"

Ellen Gray, Author

I have been taking classes taught by Dan Nevel for the past 30 years. I am not an acupuncturist or a healthcare provider, but as a longtime patient and curious learner, I have always been interested in knowing more about how NSEV treatments work, and to understand the holistic nature of healing that this modality has provided for me. I have been a student in several iterations of Dan’s Entering the Vessels courses and have very much appreciated how Dan presents his unique and practical perspective on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

"Learning NSEV Healing has had a profound impact on myself as an individual and as a practitioner"

Ashlee Binns, AP, DOM

Dan is a fantastic teacher. He has a unique ability to immerse you into the teachings of NSEV healing so that you not only learn the practical applications for patient treatment, you also get a true sense of how each extraordinary vessel disharmony looks and feels. Learning NSEV Healing has had a profound impact on myself as an individual and as a practitioner. It has heightened my awareness and enabled me to have a clear, visceral understanding of the etiology and disease processes of patients' disharmonies that I encounter in my practice. The NSEV system has elevated my ability to understand and connect with my patients and provide them with the transformational healing they seek.

"I was able to treat more deep emotional issues along with physical complaints to the great satisfaction of my patients. I can never thank Dan enough for this powerful and rewarding course"

Annie Sturman, AP

When I was an acupuncture student in the late 90's, we were briefly exposed to the Extraordinary Vessels. I realized how potent they could be and that you could accomplish so much more with fewer needles. For years I searched for a comprehensive EV course and never found what I felt I was looking for. I knew a few practitioners who had taken Dan's intensive course many years ago and asked them to let me know if he ever offered it again. I never realized the magnitude of what EV could treat. His course focused on non-somatic/emotional issues along with their somatic/physical representations. After 5 intense, long, enjoyable days of interactive study, I went back to my clinic feeling like I found the tool I was always looking for to treat patients. I began using the EV's on all of my patients immediately with powerful and positive results. I was able to treat more deep emotional issues along with physical complaints to the great satisfaction of my patients. I can never thank Dan enough for this powerful and rewarding course. He shared his life's work with us in order to help practitioners be better able to help their patients. You could not put a price on this invaluable course. And by the way, he made it lots of fun too!


All Sessions!

NSEV Healing, Founder

Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel

Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel is the founder of the NSEV Healing Academy. Dan has taught, conducted, and published research and utilized the extraordinary vessels in his clinical practice for more than thirty five years. He personally  practices all the cultivations taught in Entering the Vessels and has done so daily for decades.

Certificate Of Completion

All participatents who finish the six weeks course will receive a certificate from NSEV Healing Academy

Continuing Education For Professionals

Approved for NCCAOM- 12 PDA's for acupuncturists. 

Approved for 12 hours for Florida CEU's

This course is approved by the state of California Acupuncture Board, Provider number 1683 for 12 hours of continuing education for a category 1 course.

There will be a $25 administrative fee for all PDA's and CEU's issued. 

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